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Why Choose River View Cemetery?

We are quintessentially Portland and distinctly, Oregon. Our state motto is “Alis volat propriis” or “She flies with her own wings,” paying tribute to the independent nature of our state

With this independent spirit, in 1882, a group of Portland families organized the non-profit River View Cemetery Association- mutually owned by those who choose this as the resting place for loved ones. These Portland people were leaders in the community and many streets and buildings carry their names today, such as; Corbett, Ladd, Failing, Benson, Weinhard, Terwilliger and Pittock.

Today, as established in the 1800's, River View Cemetery Association is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, all who have direct ties to burial sites.



Quality and value.

River View Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery, where you are the owner; there are no stockholders, and the goal is to give you choices that work best for you. River View Cemetery provides experienced, dedicated staff to help you personalize your legacy in a way that is unique, valuable and meaningful to you. We offer a variety of memorialization choices and remembrance services to fit your needs.

We offer many different venues, providing unique places for remembrance that reflect the culture of our diverse community.

River View is Portland's choice for natural burial, conventional burial, conventional cremation, aqua cremation & personalized celebrations of life. We offer funeral services, crematory, memorialization, cemetery property, private estates, benches, catering, event space and more.

We are the oldest endowment care & non-profit cemetery association in Portland.

From its inception in 1882 - "We are Portland"



Local control.

River View is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are members of the local community and are committed to the best interests of the cemetery because they have family members buried here. Anyone purchasing a grave, crypt, or niche, becomes an owner, by virtue of being a member of River View Cemetery Association; thereby becoming entitled to vote for the Board of Trustees at the Annual Membership Meeting.



Managed for perpetuity.

By law, most cemeteries are an “Endowment Care Cemetery,” where they are required set aside a portion of funds from the sale of each grave, crypt, and niche into an endowment care fund. However, because River View Cemetery is an association the Association has invested the endowment care funds well and have at times, when economically feasible, contributed double the required State minimum. By doing this, our endowment care fund is much larger than any other cemetery in Portland. This is important to you because it means there will always be funding to keep the cemetery looking just as beautiful as it does now, long after the last grave space has been sold.



Consultative Staff.

By planning ahead our clients are protecting their family from having to make important decisions while grieving the death of their loved one and making plans ahead of time saves the family money. Many of our representatives are Association members themselves, because of this they simply strive to make sure that our clients understand the choices available to them, so that they can make informed decisions.


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