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Questions You Might Have About Funeral and Cremation in Portland, OR


At River View Cemetery Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on serving families in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas with dignity, respect, and compassion. Established in 1882, we continue to provide excellent service and guidance in honoring your loved ones. We help families make thoughtful, well-planned arrangements at the time of death. Our dedicated staff members are here to provide support and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life. We pride ourselves on making our facility feel like a second home — a proper place for peace, comfort, and warmth. Give us a call today at (503) 246-6488 and explore all that we have to offer.


Many details go into funeral, cremation, and natural organic redutcion planning in Portland, OR, so it’s normal to have questions about available services. As you learn about the industry, the best thing you can do is choose a funeral director, so you know who to call when you need support.


While there is information online about funeral planning, nothing beats the real-time conversation you can have with a funeral director. You deserve to work with a local team that can provide the information and assistance you need to access during this challenging time. Our team at River View Cemetery Funeral Home offers a top-notch level of customer service for every family.


We understand that every family has unique traditions and varying preferences for honoring a loved one. Therefore, throughout the funeral planning process, we promise to offer a listening to each and learn more about your preferences. Then, we can design funeral services in a way that will accommodate your unique needs.

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Unique Possibilities for Funeral and Cremation in Portland, OR

Many families come to us because they want conventional funeral services, and we can definitely assist with these events. In fact, our funeral home at the historic River View Cemetery is a great location where you can have a formal gathering with friends and family if desired. Or, our staff can assist if you would like to hold the funeral services at an off-site location. The possibilities are endless when you are coordinating personalized funeral services.


At the same time, we have other services that don’t fit the standard processes for funeral planning. For example, you can still have a viewing and memorial service if you chose cremation by using a ceremonial casket and afterwards the cremation may take place. We work with families to assist them in dressing and casketing their loved one without embalming  and we work with you to create a personalized life celebration. 

Direct cremation is another possibility. There is no obligation to hold a memorial or funeral if that doesn’t match your preferences. With direct cremation, you can skip the in-person meeting. Or, some families coordinate direct cremation with the intention of holding a DIY gathering such as a backyard potluck or an off-site location for a ceremony scattering cremated remains.


Natural Funeral, Burial and Cremation Solutions

When a family is eco-conscious, they are often worried about how cremation or funeral services will have an impact on the environment. There’s no question that the way a person is laid to rest can affect the soil, air, and more. If you want to minimize your carbon footprint, you might consider alternatives to conventional burial and flame cremation or funeral services.

River View strives for environmental choices to meet the needs of those who wish to be sustainable, even in death. Many Portlanders visit River View Cemetery for notable burials and enjoy the scenic views of the Willamette River and Mt. Hood as well as connecting with nature. We are committed to caring for our earth and are pleased to offer sustainable funeral and cemetery options.

WHAT IS NATURAL BURIAL? We define this as the burial of human remains directly in the earth without the use of an outer burial container and without being embalmed with formaldehyde-based chemicals. Natural burial is where the deceased is buried in a biodegradable casket made of wood, woven branches, or grasses. We also provide burial shrouds where the decedent is wrapped in natural fiber and lowered into the grave on a biodegradable board to facilitate respectful interment. Natural burial allows a person to have their body returned completely and naturally to the earth, ultimately nourishing the natural surroundings that make River View Cemetery such a beautiful place.

AQUA CREMATION - WATER NOT FIRE. Aqua cremation is a sustainable option for those choosing cremation. The process is an environmentally-friendly alternative to flame cremation and burial. It uses water instead of fire. The scientific name for this flameless process is ‘alkaline hydrolysis’. It is the same process that occurs as part of nature’s course when a body is laid to rest in the soil, using a combination of water flow, temperature, and alkalinity to accelerate nature’s process.

WHAT IS A NATURAL FUNERAL? In 2004, River View Cemetery’s Board of Trustees opened River View Cemetery Funeral Home to provide the same level of service as in the cemetery. This allows seamless service to the community seeking alternatives to traditional funeral and cemetery services. A client choosing natural burial or aqua cremation may also desire a natural funeral. Our funeral home offers a variety of options that can lower the environmental impact of the funeral arrangements.

  • We offer a wide range of fully biodegradable caskets manufactured from materials such as willow, bamboo, seagrass, or all-natural wood. These caskets are made without metal hinges, handles, or latches and with all-natural interiors.
  • Preservation can be attained by using refrigeration, dry ice, or non-toxic embalming methods instead of formaldehyde-based embalming.
  • Memorial folders and other printed materials are printed on recycled paper.
  • Reception services are available through local caterers who provide natural, organic foods, fair-trade coffees and teas, as well as plates and napkins made from recycled materials.

Unique Possibilities for Funeral Planning

As you can see, there are unique options to look at when making funeral and cremation arrangements in Portland, OR. We invite you to reach out for a consultation so our team can share more information about available services and how we can help.


Our goal is to learn about your preferences and desires for funeral services. When you incorporate family traditions and cultural influences, then it creates a one-of-a-kind gathering that makes the situation memorable for everyone involved. Your friends and family members will find comfort in their grief and be able to seek answers to achieve closure in their loss.


Losing a loved one is a difficult experience, but these events and practices can help support your family’s needs at every step. We are here to assist and offer quality services when you choose River View Cemetery Funeral Home.


Talk to a Pre-planning advisor

When you need information about funeral planning, the best place to turn is to reach out to a our pre-planning advisors. Our team understands the industry and knows the best way to coordinate services that cater to your unique needs.

You can access funeral and cremation planning in Portland, OR when you choose River View Cemetery Funeral Home. Our full-service funeral will take care of all your needs. We’re located at 8421 S Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97219. Call to learn more: (503) 246-6488.


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • What do I do when a death occurs?
    • The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. While there is no one right way to grieve, there are some things that you can do to help yourself and your family through this tough time. First, it is important to give yourself time to grieve. It is normal to feel a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, anxiety, and confusion. Don't be afraid to express your emotions and lean on your family and friends for support. Remember, everybody grieves in their own way, so allow yourself the time and space to process your loss in whatever way works best for you. If you need help, here are some resources for dealing with grief that might help you.
  • Can we scatter the cremated remains?
    • Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for those who wish to plan their own funerals. Not only is it generally less expensive than burial, but it also offers a wide range of options for scatterings or other final dispositions. You to scatter the remains on your own property, our funeral directors can provide guidance on how to do so. River View specializes in scattering services. Whether you choose to scatter the remains yourself or enlist the help of a professional, scattering can be a beautiful and fitting way to say goodbye to a loved one. For more details, contact a cremation service provider
  • Who is eligible for Military Funeral Honors?
    • All active duty and reserve members of the United States Armed Forces are eligible for Military Funeral Honors. This includes members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. In addition, retirees from any of these branches are also eligible. If a member of the National Guard or reserves dies while on active duty, they are also eligible for Military Funeral Honors. Finally, any veteran who was discharged under honorable conditions is eligible for Military Funeral Honors. The family of the deceased must request the honors, and they will be provided at no cost to the family. Military Funeral Honors are a way for the nation to show its respect and gratitude for those who have served. Find out more about the benefits for Veterans in Oregon.


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